A Look at Senna Hills

If you're looking for a place where you can rest your head, where you have nothing but a bed and a kitchen to tide you over until you once again leave, Senna Hills is not the place for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a home surrounded by pebble sidewalks, old-fashioned lampposts and stone entryways, for a place that wraps you in beauty and makes you never want to leave, Senna Hills is exactly what you were looking for. History Located near Bee Cave, Senna Hills draws its history from that somewhat larger city. Bee Cave, although not technically developed until 1987, began in the 1850s when Dietrich Bohls moved out of Austin to a quieter, more peaceful setting. The then largely uninhabited area soon became a haven for families who didn't want city life but rather a robust community filled with happy, friendly individuals.

Schools, stores and more were quickly built, transforming Bee Cave from an unknown neighborhood into a thriving residence. In the 1980s, the citizens of Bee Cavs became concerned that Austin officials would attempt to annex the small community. To keep this from happening, they formed the Concerned Citizens and Landowners Organization. The group appealed to the capital, and in 1987, Bee Caves was incorporated into Austin. Today, the Bee Cave area continues to thrive seeing a flux of intimate neighborhoods, such as Senna Hills, that attract more and more residents each year. Economy When Austin booms, Senna Hills booms.

That is how the economy of this small neighborhood works as it is so closely tied to the city it borders. As such, much of the employment opportunities are based in the industry and technology fields as well as higher education and scientific research. Surrounding schools, hospitals and similar structures employ many citizens as well, providing a bundle of opportunity to anyone who may choose to move to Senna Hills.

Real Estate In a place like Senna Hills, you wouldn't expect cheap homes for outlandish prices and no reward. And fortunately, that's not what you get. Senna Hills is one of the premiere locations for real estate.

Homes start at 3,200 square feet and $500,000. Those with four or five bedroom often have three or more bathrooms, several living and dining room possibilities, vast kitchens and multi-car garages. Some even include ornate fireplaces, grand staircases, huge picturesque windows and updated fixtures. The quiet surroundings and beautiful landscape found at every home only add to the lure of the neighborhood. Attractions The hills encompassing Senna Hills draw more people to the area than anything else.

Miles of lush green dotted by playgrounds, decks, parks and pools appeal to any resident be it a city dweller or country lover. The proximity of prime shopping stores, golf clubs and various restaurants make it an even better community. And when the city calls, Austin is only a short ride away, offering concerts, sports, plays and much, much more. Senna Hills is a place that will remind you of the past, with its stone buildings and traditional close-knit feel. Let it also be a place that makes you think of your future.

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