A Look at the Great Hills Subdivision in Austin Texas

The beauty of Austin, TX does not lie solely in the bright lights of the city. It is found, also, in the communities surrounding the bustling downtown area. These communities are small subdivisions that offer large benefits for the interested homebuyer. They are quiet havens in a noisy metropolis. Such is the case for Great Hills, located in Travis County in Northwest Austin.

History Great Hills' past is the past of Austin. As the city grew subdivisions arose. They, in this instance Great Hills, housed the Texas urbanites that could not or would not live in the most crowded areas of the capital.

With time, Great Hills became more than a subdivision. It became a community, beckoning to hikers, mountain bikers, families and individuals. A country club and golf course were erected, and residents and visitors alike flocked to it for social interaction. Development is a constant in the area.

New homes are transforming this subdivision from a small community in which to live into a popular place for all. It could be only a matter of time before Great Hills' history outpaces Austin. Economy Much like its history, Great Hills' economy is rooted in its city. Therefore, many of the available jobs are in the technology and research industries. As science and manufacturing continue to advance, so does Austin's economy. However, technology is not the only employer in the area.

Universities and schools offer numerous opportunities, not only for work but also for further education. Large organizations, which are coming to Austin with more frequency as of late, are options as well. Real Estate Great Hills is a rapidly growing subdivision of Austin. Continual development has created a flux of available homes - homes, which given the location, variety and quality, won't be on the market for long.

The houses range in style from 1,500 square foot ranchers to 5,000 square foot custom estate homes. They are priced anywhere from 200,000 to 800,000, meaning whatever your budget you are sure to find a house that can be your home in Great Hills. Attractions The obvious attractions of Great Hills are the popular destinations of Austin - stadiums, music halls, shopping centers, etc.

But you needn't journey out of Great Hills to find enjoyable pastimes. An 18-hole golf course serves as one of the community's favorite locales (and wildlife's, too!). A pool, tennis courts and playgrounds keep those who aren't devoted to the nine-iron active, and miles of greenbelt trails and picnic areas ensure that every nature lover is kept happy year-round.

Great Hills is a place to live, play and raise a family. It is one of the best ways to live in the city yet maintain a slightly more natural feel. Its budding developments open the door for numerous possibilities, encouraging you to dream of what your family home should be and making that dream a reality. Put Great Hills on the top of your list as you scour Austin for the perfect house at the perfect price.

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