An Introduction To MLM Downline Builders

Downline builders are the newest craze in the MLM arena. It is a website where you join one or more MLM related programs and then have the opportunity to get a replicated website with your id's attached. These programs are hugely popular right now. The largest one has around 80,000 members and has only been in existence about 8 months. The site has been hugely profitable for both the website owners and the team members.

Here are some advantages to using a downline builder as opposed to promoting your MLM company's corporate replicated website. The first advantage of a using a downline building system is it can be easily duplicated with your team. A big issue with building MLM over the internet is duplication.

The more that you have s system that newbies can quickly plug into, the more successful you will be. People generally will not work for long periods of time without making a check. The quicker you can plug your prospect into the system, the more likely they will stick with the program. The next advantage of joining a downline builder is you can easily train your team with ease. Many downline building programs have an exclusive back office with conference calls pre recorded and trainings online that can be accessed 24/7. This is much better than having your frustrated downline member trying to find you at 3 am because they have a question.

Their answer is right there in the training area. The next advantage of participating in downline building programs is you can promote multiple programs within it. If you are just promoting your corporate website, you just have one opportunity to make money. With a downline builder, you often have 5 or more ways to make money. They key to success in MLM is getting as much revenue that you can per lead generated and duplication. Downline builders provide both of these advantages.

The next advantage is protection from corporate fraud. Unfortunately, in the MLM business, there are companies that are being shut down for various reasons. It just happens! Often, the reps are the very last people to find out about these things. By using a downline builder, you are protected, as the company can just be replaced in the builder and everyone can move on to the next thing with their contacts intact. This is a much smarter way to run your business. As you can see, downline building programs are here to stay.

This is one trend that should be welcomed an embraced by all in the MLM community.

Carlos Scarpero is the host of the Network Marketing Minute podcast and is the creator of Success Duplicator, a free tool that will help you increase your personal enrollments by at least 20 reps per month and eliminate downline attrition. Learn more about this free tool at www.success-duplicator.com.

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