Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is chemically known as Somatotropin and is classified as a polypeptide hormone, being synthesized and secreted by the pituitary gland. The r found in rhGH means recombinant in DNA technology, meaning biosynthetic in layman's terms, whereas prior to 1985 hGH was taken from the pituitary of a corpse, hGh being the abbreviated form for "human growth hormone". Growth hormone is often referred to as the master hormone, simply because it begins releasing at childbirth and is responsible for most anabolic effects in the body. Important effects of hGH are not only height growth during adolescence, but also the strengthening and mineralization of bone. Other important functions of hGH include, lipolysis (fat burning), hyperplasia (creation of new cells), as well as protein synthesis. Growth hormone is believed to enhance athletic performance and also increase muscle growth.

hGH works differently to anabolic steroids, the difference being that steroids increase muscular size through hypertrophy or by increasing muscle tissue size, whereby hGh functions solely through hyperplasia, meaning the creation of new cells. Although hGH functions through the increasing of IGF levels causing hyperplasia, our muscular size increases are not only associated with hGH on its own, and androgens will normally be required to enlarge the new cell tissue. To put it another way, you will one day reach a point that your muscles just won't get any bigger and not even steroids will be able to help.

But with hGH you will be able to take yourself to new heights by adding new muscle cells through hyperplasia. You can then use Anabolic steroids to enhance muscle growth by working on our new cells that were produced by hGH. Although anabolic steroids need to be taken in cycles so not to suppress the body's hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal-axis (HPGA),hGh has no such restrictions as it does not have the same effect on the HPGA. You normally find that users of hGH will start to see results after about a 2 month period, but these increases in muscle growth will then continue for as long as hGH is taken. If you need more reliable information on this subject, you can get a complete guide at steroid-encyclopaedia.

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