Items Dont Have to be Unique

Items Don't Have to be Unique Thats right! The items that you sell on eBay don't have to be unique. Its perfectly fine for others to be selling the very same items that you are selling providing there is a market large enough to accommodate more than one seller of a product. For example: You see many versions of green beans on the shelves of your local food market. A lot of people buy green beans.

There is plenty of room for more than one seller of green beans. http://www.myspacefranchise.com/onlineshopping/ A word or caution is in order, however. The more people who are selling products that are identical to the ones you are selling the stiffer the competition will be and the harder you are going to have to work to make your fair share of the sales. Make use of the eBay search feature when you are deciding what products you will sell on eBay.

Type key words into the search box and investigate the search results that you get. For example: If you have designed a fishing tackle box that is better than any other fishing tackle box that you have ever seen advertised, search for tackle boxes. See what is being offered for sale or at auction.

See what the prices are. Note how your product is better than other similar products that are being offered. In other words.do your homework. Don't go blind into trying to sell your product or your idea on eBay. http://www.

myspacefranchise.com/onlineshopping/ No, your product does not have to be unique, however, the fewer the number of other people who are selling the same or similar products there are, the better your chances will be for a large number of sales or for successful auctions. Do your homework before you start to sell on eBay. http://www.

myspacefranchise.com/onlineshopping/ Thank you, http://www.myspacefranchise.com/onlineshopping/.

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