Are Your Business Emails Legal - Part 1
by Scott Foreman

You do business online right? If you do any marketing or commercial communication via email, then you are intimately aware of the CAN SPAM Act of 2004. If you’re not familiar with it, get a brief overview at:

Regardless, you are now legally required to implement the articles of CAN SPAM (the Act) in the daily workings of your business. Are you aware, however that Congress enacted changes in December of 2004? Are you aware of the new provisions of the Act?

In this first of three short articles, we want to make sure that the small portion of internet marketers unfamiliar with the Act get up to speed. We also want to make sure that the larger portion of marketers not familiar with the new provisions become familiar. Grab the full report here:

In order to be compliant and Legally Run Your Marketing Campaign, all commercial emails that you sent must include the following:

Functional return email address or similar ‘opt out’ link for the recipient.

Clear identification that the message is an advertisement or promotion (if that is the case).

Clear notice of the opportunity to decline future emails from the sender.

Valid physical address of the sender.
While most marketing emails I receive now contain the above listed information, I still see quite a few that are lacking physical mailing addresses.

The US public has spoken and Congress is listening. The government does not take kindly to Spammers and if you fail to comply with the CAN SPAM rules, you could be heavily fined.

Once again, feel free to download our 2005 CAN SPAM report that summarizes the original provisions of the Act as well as the new (as of Dec 2004) additions.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our next installment of the CAN SPAM update.

Remember, be good to yourself and never underestimate the power associated with the intensity of your passion.

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