Self Storage the Key to Moving Your Office Efficiently

It is generally a positive thing when a business decides to move to a new office or open up an additional branch office in a new location. Things are going well, and the company is adjusting and expanding. However, even a successful business does not have a lot of extra money lying around to spend on cubicles and furniture for a new office. Unfortunately, though, it can be difficult to save money on office furniture.

Unless, of course, your company decides to use self storage, instead. When not using self storage, the process that most companies use to open a new office or move an existing one can be pretty wasteful. Instead of playing it smart with self storage, companies simply sell off their old office furniture and cubicles, and buy it all again when they get to their new location. Perhaps this seems to them the less complicated option. but they are generally wrong. In actuality, it is generally the more pricey option, not better one.

How, though, does self storage save a company money when they move to a new office? The answer is simple: by avoiding low resell returns. When you move from one office to another, the price you will receive from both furniture companies and individual buyers on your used office furniture will be just a fraction of its worth. Even if the furniture used in your office is practically new, it will lose a lot of value when it comes time to sell. That is where self storage comes in. When buying four new cubicles, you can spend anywhere from $2,500 for ultra simple models to $8,000 for fancy Hayworth cubicles. But you avoid some of those costs when you use self storage to store and later reuse your current cubicles.

All you need to do is have somebody load your office furniture, etc., into your self storage unit. When your company is ready to move into its new space, the self storage unit will be delivered, allowing you to easily unload and use your old furniture and equipment. You can also cut down costs with self storage when you open up an additional office in a new location.

In many offices, up to 30% of the office furniture goes unused. So instead of buying 30% more furniture than you need, you can have your excess pieces placed in self storage for use in the new branch. And when your new office space is all set, you have enough inventory that you will only need to buy what is absolutely necessary.

and since the self storage unit itself is so cheap to rent and use, your final savings are considerable.

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