Simple Steps To MLM Prospecting Success

MLM prospecting is not brain surgery. It is just the plan to find people to talk to about your business. It is just as simple as that. However, talking to people is crucial and prospecting is one of the things you must do daily. If you do not, you will run out of people to talk to and join 90% of Network Marketing people that are no longer in the business. This doesn't mean the business doesn't work, it does.

It just means they did not prospect well, ran out of people to talk to, and share their products and stories with. There are 4 simple steps to Network Marketing prospecting. These steps have been taught for many years, the reason is simple. They are effective. There are steps you need to follow. Just as there are stairs that lead to the top, the same is true with the way you approach Network Marketing prospecting.

You need to take one step at a time to get to the top. Doing Network Marketing prospecting correctly, will do just that. It will get you to the top. It will furnish you with a large amount of names and have many people looking at your business all at one time. So just what is the 4-step process? 1) Finding There is a multitude of ways to do this. This, at times, will be very easy as there are people everywhere.

They all want the best life has to offer. At other times, this is an art. You sometimes need to be creative, as you need to have several tactics to find people who may be interested in seeing your products and business. You need to constantly find new sources of leads for your Network Marketing Home Business.

Simply put, finding is looking for the people who want to use your products and services, as well as looking at your company. 2) Exposing Now that you have found some people, you need to do what is called an approach. This is nothing more than a quick, "commercial like", look into the company and type of people you are looking for. This is called creating an exposure. Not a formal presentation and can take place in normal conversation.

It is at this time, you are only giving out the idea, no information. You need to see if the idea is appealing to them, if they want to know more or if they would help, you locate others who would. The best way is to use MLM Prospecting / Recruiting tools. These are handouts and can be CD's, DVD's, or even brochures.

Just something, they can watch, hear, or read. The best thing you can do, at this point, is be brief and get to the point. You can present the initial idea to 30 people at once and then let the tools do the exposure, then see if they would be interested in hearing more.

3) Separating You have to divide your people into two categories. The two sides will be ones who will not listen or ones who will listen. If they will listen to you then you move them up. If they will not listen, then take a quick moment; talk about the product, and about getting some referrals.

This step is critical and you need to have it mastered. It will save you from wasting time with those who are not even interested. Two questions to ask those you feel may be interested. "Does this make sense to you" and "What did you like best about that CD" I gave you. Both questions will tell you where they are at with the idea and if interested in learning more about the products and business. 4) System For those who are willing to listen, get them into your company or in the upline recruiting and retailing system, and let the system do the work.

Get them using your product, and then schedule them for a formal Network Marketing presentation. This could be a conference call, webcast, three-way, in home meeting, or a Business Briefing on a Tuesday night. This 4 step process can be compared to a filtering system, what it does is filter out the ones that are not really interested, and you spend your time with only those who are actually interested in learning more about the product and business.

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