The Importance Of Persistence In Network Marketing

What is the one thing that all successful netowrk marketers have in common? Persistence! All too often people give up too quickly, when right around the corner a sale awaits that could have been closed with one more call, email or other invitation to buy. Persistence can pay. If you lack the gumption to keep forging ahead, for whatever reason: family crisis, seasonal depressions, too many irons in the fire, etc., reach out and get help. There is no need to go it alone! Stick with your plan and try to spice it up with these techniques: Team up with another marketer and host a joint campaign together, splitting work and profits down the middle (or whatever percentage works best).

Look to your up-line for advice and helpful tips on how to close some sales, get more leads, etc. Consider hiring a mentor or coach. Ask your company, friends and fellow business associates for recommendations. Conduct online searches in your industry. Coaches can often help you advance ahead much more quickly because they know what works and what doesn't, and can lead you through the maze to get to the cheese more efficiently.

Keep hanging in there and while you're at it, focus on some of the smaller things eating at you, worrying you. For example, if you need cash, pick up some quick moonlighting or other work off to the side, but don't quit your day job. Search classified and magazine print ads plus keyword phrases online like, "work from home" and "business opportunities" and see what opportunities are out there in your budget. If you're overworked, get help with housecleaning, auto maintenance, light office work, etc. Take care of yourself! Make sure you're eating the right good foods and cut back on junk foods. Get up from your computer every hour and DO something.

Get and stay fit: exercise, read fitness ezines or print magazines once in awhile, take an exercise class. Healthier people think healthier thoughts and do healthier work. So get fit. Do something for someone else. When you focus on someone else, you can often forget your own troubles, at least for awhile, and come back with fresh ideas.

So get out and about. Volunteer. Find someone worse off than you or a beginner in your company who needs a hand. Give back and pull yourself up at the same time. So hang in there! No wimps allowed.

Persistence can pay off big time!.

Carlos Scarpero is a blogger who writes about internet marketing and MLM. Visit his blog at www.itsaboutresults.com and discover new and innovative ways to promote yourself online.

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